Robin & Carly, Mckittrick Hotel, Manhattan

I was so excited to photograph my friends Robin and Carly’s wedding!  Robin is a fellow photographer, so I was extremely thrilled to be asked.  They were married at Gallow Green, the rooftop of the McKittrick Hotel, where the famous “Sleep No More” production has it’s home. It was so amazing to see this theater space transformed for a wedding!

A.B. - I literally started crying while looking at these photos. The love and joy in everyone’s faces is so apparent, and exquisitely captured. Thank you for reminding me (and everyone else who has eyes!) that this kind of love is alive in the world.

Aurora Lechuga - I love it!!!!!!, It,s absoluty amazing!!!. Really good post!!!. LOve the light and love the atmosphere!!.

Cindie Wilding - So cute! I absolutely love the colors and both of their outfits and the GLEE on their faces. Awesome :)

Robin - Kelly!!! These are so amazing! We could not have picked a better photographer for our wedding!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You are an incredible talent.

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