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From top: Santorini (2); Barcelona; Granada, Spain & Pompeii; Cadiz, Spain; Tangier (2); Lisbon & Prague; Tangier; Lisbon & Chefchaouen, Morocco; Córdoba, Spain.

From top: Chefchaouen, Morocco; Capri; Granada, Spain & Pompeii; Madrid; Paris; London; Córdoba; Gredos Mountains, Spain, Barcelona & Segovia, Spain.

The first in a series of posts looking back at time spent abroad.  From the top: Asila, Morocco; Capri; Barcelona & Chefchaouen, Morocco; Capri; London; Santorini & Tangier; Gredos Mountains, Spain; Athens (2).

Everyone’s favorite celebrity to hate (these days) sure does love her fried Zucchini.  If you find your self in NYC check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite restaurant: Elio’s on the Upper East Side, as seen in Food & Wine Magazine’s slide show.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s Favorite Restaurants Here are some more shots of Elio’s:

Every month, Travel + Leisure profiles one famous (or semi-famous) person’s favorite place.  In the April issue, that place is Amsterdam.  I am happy to have my photo used for the web version of this story.  Find the link here as well as more of my photos from The Netherlands! My Favorite Place: Amsterdam Amsterdam…